What is FLIPit?

FLIPit is a revolutionary cloud based solution that takes a completed web form and turns it into an inbound call to your contact centre within seconds.

Contact centres face the same key issues:

 …How can we generate more web leads?

…How can we improve contact rates?

…How can we stop customers contacting our competition?

…How do we develop our business when outbound dialing is becoming ever more challenging?

…How do we ensure compliance in an ever changing landscape?

FLIPit has been developed to solve these issues and revolutionise the contact centre industry.

When a customer completes their details on your web form and submits, they wait for you to call or email them… In the meantime, they are still on the market, still looking at your competition.

FLIPit takes the customer off the market within seconds.

FLIPit takes the data from your web form, sends it to the FLIPit Cloud, which generates an automated text message to the customer instantly then by the time they’ve read it, they have an inbound call to your contact centre agents.

Warm lead to a closable customer in less than one minute!

Your contact rates increase dramatically, as do your sales and profits. Agents are motivated, achieving targets and your contact centre agent retention is no longer an issue.

Not getting enough web leads?

Our FLIPit/Complete service drives lead traffic direct to your website(s) based on your criteria, products and customer profile. This service delivers an agreed number of leads to your web forms every month, which then convert in seconds to inbound calls to your agents. The leads are there for your agents to close! FLIPit is also 100% compliant …. the customer has requested contact!

Can you really afford not to use FLIPit?



I have had the pleasure of dealing with Flipit for some time now, as a previous business owner and now running an area of a business that is dependent on quality data, communication lines to be clear and progressive, Flipit have been fantastic. They focus on what is important to a business, Connect rates and integrity of the data. We have seen our business grow as a result and would recommend Flipit to any business that has an innovative approach to growth.
Dave, Home Insurance Sector